The magic of millennials or an alternative to a psychologist: what you need to know about divination by tarot cards

Best Tarot OnlinePractical magic is a trend among millennials looking for answers to their questions. Our generation is prone to self-reflection more than others, and from this, turn to practices such as tarot becomes popular.

Oranum space. Here the maps provide answers to your questions.

What is tarot linguistics, and is it worth trusting online layouts at all.

There are different ways to say about a person who practices tarot divination.

There is no fortune telling here. Guessing is just thinking, yes or no. Tarot gives specific answers, for example: what he thinks of me now. And here, the fortuneteller does not predict what will happen – the cards say. But the beauty of this process is that they do not read the future but show what is already in you. This is work with the unconscious, with the psyche.

How relevant is tarot divination today?

The percentage is 99.9%. Let’s not go completely into the absolute. Millennials are a generation of broken psyches. They have many problems, but they strive for awareness. They want to know themselves, their feelings to create a better version of themselves. Not everyone can afford a psychologist; after all, therapy can take several years. And fortune telling is often even a free way to understand yourself. This is an esoteric space that anyone can come to work with their mental state.

Fortune telling in the tarot is very popular, as it gives awareness and helps to see the holes in the psyche, to understand why what is happening, to understand yourself. The cards help you decide if there is really a problem or if you are worried in vain.

All the answers are in ourselves, and if the cards give several options for action, they are in you. You recognized them long ago and cannot make a choice. The cards just help you with this. There is no point in disturbing tarot on minor occasions. Life is your responsibility, do not pass it on to others. If you can’t decide at all, you walk for a month and break your head – then yes, it makes sense to ask fortune-telling for a choice: for a man or for love, for example.

The map is the path. They read symbols, even every color matters. It is also important to feel the cards: look at the card, listen to what feelings it evokes. Each tarot reader will have his own opinion on the alignment. Well, if we’re not talking about fundamental things.

Oranum is an online fortune telling, an esoteric space where masters want to help those who cannot help themselves. Here, in 20-30 minutes, anyone can find the answer to their question by looking at the tarot layouts. You don’t need to leave your home. Look for specialists: you just look at the cards, hear the voiceover, and you already feel better. There is something therapeutic about it – to listen to another person, to come for advice. The master gives advice, nothing more. And not a master, but cards.

Tarot is a therapeutic tool in the hands of a psychologist.

It is unconscious. The master does not understand what will fall out now and does not see. To a greater extent, motor skills and body language are even more important than vision. In our world, when we examine and cognize everything that is possible, the unknown, just what we call magic, remains in our unconscious. The cards combine work with him, with Jungian archetypes, which still remain a mystery to all mankind, and ideomotor. This connection is mysticism. It is a miracle of cards.

What questions can you find the answer to?

The most popular are fortune-telling about a loved one, about a relationship, as well as questions like: “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”, “What will my future husband be like?”, “How does he see me?” One of my favorites is guessing what he is thinking now. But we are not only considering the sphere of relations, of course. Anyone can ask a question in the comments, and I will devote a new alignment to this.

The cards don’t lie?

No. How can the unconscious lie? We can lie to ourselves, but emotions cannot be deceived. You can broadcast a smile to the outside world, but be angry with yourself. The cards are revealed. You need to trust the cards, which means trust yourself.Tarot

Is tarot related to astrology and numerology?

Yes, each card has its own number, and it means something. Twos – about duality, about the fact that we have to make a choice, four – about the comfort zone, stagnation. Eights – a ceiling that does not exist, infinity. Fives are a fight. Dozens – completion of the stage. Each digit has its own purpose, its own position. Each card is associated with a specific month and zodiac sign. This is all connected into a single system that has been developed over millennia. Tarot stems from ancient times when people tried to know the world and themselves. Earlier, when people did not have perfect tools for knowledge, cards were the prototype of archetypes and psychology. This is an exciting and interesting concept.

How to understand that online fortune telling is about you?

Free TarotEach person has his own situation. The master does not set a framework. Each card has several meanings. Master pronounce them all. There are thousands of situations for the same alignment. All situations are archetypal. Watching the online layout on Oranum, for example, in any case, you feel the response. If there is a bell inside telling you that you need to listen, then you should not drive away these thoughts.

The tarot phenomenon can be explained by referring to the theory of literature. The author always has a limited number of stories, and they are all copied from life situations. Working with cards, you string a certain plot onto the frame of your plot. This is the miracle of general layouts – it is about the plot and not about a specific plot, and this is no less valuable. Reading the story is exactly the same way out.

When choosing a card, suddenly, a different significator is liked more. How to deal with such situations?

Perhaps the card that you liked more speaks of your comfort zone – you unconsciously reach for it, but deep down, you understand that the result should be different. Maps can resonate in different ways.

Are there rules on how to watch online layouts for a unique experience?

You need to know what exactly you want to ask for the cards. It will be difficult to get an answer if you are in a restless state. It is important to focus on what you want. Any emotional state affects alignment and perception. It is important to abstract from yourself and your emotions, calm down and ask a clear question. What is the question? This is the answer.
The master tells stories. This is about a storyline, not a specific destiny. What will happen next depends only on the person. It is unlikely that you will get married in a month if the cards guessed it: you never know, you suddenly change your mind. The cards only say that there is such a possibility. If you don’t like what the cards show, you start thinking about how to change reality. Tarot helps in simulating reality. Sometimes it happens that a person is confused and does not see the variety of options, and fortune-telling shows potential moves.

Is it ethical to take money for fortune-telling?

Fortune-telling is a job, and it is a costly resource. This is an exchange of energy, consumption of resources. Plunging into the cards, the master gives away a piece of himself to study the story and broadcast it. With a confrontation, this is many times more difficult because you need to listen to the person. Then the master analyzes the history, makes an alignment, and deciphers it through the prism of history. The master does the work both for himself and for the person. It’s complicated.

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